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Our Virtual HR Solutions make “going it alone” not so ALONE!

HR dept is a vital aspect for any business. Well-planned HR policies avoid risks in an organization. Virtual HR - a network-based system is a new buzzword built on the association of partnership and information technology. 

Virtual HR plays a significant role in providing strategic, flexible, and cost-effective services. The incapability of the old traditional HR system of facing these challenges has supported the uprise of Virtual HR.

Virtual HR imparts an impeccable and safe experience to the employee and shrinks the work volume of employers. 

Mee2Bee Services identify the needs of different businesses and believe that every organization has its specific needs. We thus offer two products to help you manage the HR process, i.e., Virtual HR Support Center and Virtual HR on-demand services. 

Check out the services offered in each category to decide which one suits your organization's needs. 


Learn how our Virtual HR Support Center can help you today!

Virtual HR Support Center

Our team of certified HR Pros is available round-the-clock with their exclusive support. It includes:


Features include:

  • Provide Employee handbooks

  • Broad array of job descriptions

  • Brief guides and checklists for Hiring, Termination, etc.

  • Federal and state law libraries

  • Exclusive training and On-Demand videos

  • Identify HR compliance gaps through the HR fitness test

Virtual HR On-Demand

Get your queries resolved by our team of certified HR Pros. The team not only answers your questions but also creates tailored letters, forms, job descriptions for your organization.

The services include:

  • Unrestricted access to Virtual HR Support Center

  • HR Support via call, email, or online chat

  • Document customization 

  • Personalized assistance to amend or construct new policies

  • Harassment Training Seminar/Webinar

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