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What is Corporate Advisory Service?

Corporate Advisory Services are the specialized advice imparted to corporate houses. Professional advisors like accountants, law practitioners, investment banks, etc., render their advice for the smooth functioning of corporate offices.  


The success of significant business transactions depends upon prudent planning and the correct advisory. Corporate advisory services provide applied autonomous assistance and advice on legal and commercial matters. Expert advice facilitates the improvement of calculated planning and shareholder values. 

What do we offer?


Mee2Bee Services provides head-to-head transaction advisory right from scheduling to implementation. Our advisory services are inclusive of post-execution compliance. Our team of skilled and seasoned professionals helps you understand the relevant legal framework. We structure all our advice in a legal context influencing planning and transactions to meet company goals. 


Our list of services in connection to Corporate Advisory Services are:

  • Private placement of shares/debentures and other securities

  • Buy-back

  • Corporate Restructuring including Merger / Amalgamation/Demerger/Reduction of Capital

  • Right issue

  • Removal of Directors/Auditors

  • Oppression & Mismanagement

  • Initial Public Offering (IPO)

  • Employee Stock Options (ESOP)

  • Related Party Transactions (RPT)

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