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Statutory compliance

Compliance is an ever-changing landscape that requires expert agility to manoeuvre. Not to worry, we are here to guide you.

Any gap in compliance on wage entitlements of employees could land a company in trouble.

The company may end up having a financial implication or a risk of prosecution or IR issues triggered. Even a small non-compliance could cause significant damage to the reputation of the company.

Mee2Bee with it's industry experience, adequate skill sets, and with appropriate technological support could facilitate Statutory Compliance Services. The spirit behind the following legislations would be taken care of through this service:

Establishment Compliance

  • Well defined systematic approach to handle compliance across multi-locations

  • Registration / Renewal / Amendment under Shops & Establishments Act

  • Registration / Amendment under Contract Labour ( R&A ) Act

  • Employee professional tax compliance

  • Preparation and Maintenance of statutory registers

  • Timely submission of annual / half-early / quarterly returns under various Labour Laws

  • Handling inspections on behalf of the clients

  • Liaison with Labour, ESI, EPF and EPT authorities

  • Periodical audits of vendor compliance status

  • Support in court related matters

Factory Compliance

  • Registrations under applicable Acts

  • Licenses – Fresh / Renewals / Amendments

  • Display of Statutory Notices

  • Preparation of statutory records and statutory registers

  • Backup facility in a centralised location

  • Preparation and submission of periodical statutory returns

  • On-time remittance of applicable statutory payments – ESI, EPF & EPT

  • Audit of Contractors' statutory documents

  • Facilitation at the time of inspections

Payroll Compliance

  • Registrations, amendments and renewals

  • Processing wage data for generating contribution challan

  • Online timely remittance of statutory contributions

  • Filing statutory returns as per statutory timelines

  • Maintenance of relevant statutory registers and other records

  • Transfer-in, transfer-out and settlement of EPF accounts

  • Compliance under various ESI sub codes

  • Generation and dissemination of customer specific error-free data, MIS and statutory documentation

  • Assistance to the employees in processing applications for getting rightful benefits

  • Foster rapport and sustained coordination with diverse authorities

  • Facilitate clients in efficiently handling inspections by authorities.

  • Help desk for pay roll related compliances (only in exclusive resource model)

When it comes to compliance,
we don't take chances. What about you?