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What is Company Closure?

Company Closure refers to the dissolving of a company following necessary actions and a set procedure. Closure means that the company has completed the formal legal process of dissolution with the regulating bodies. 

The process includes lots of paperwork and legal documentation. In India, registration of the company is easier whereas, the closure process is entirely different. Further different ways of closing a company require a bit of expert advice. 

What do we offer?

Mee2Bee Services help close your company in the most successful and tax-efficient way. Our expert and proficient team understand the need for a carefully planned process. Thus, they advise the best possible way of closing the company. We safeguard you from its related impacts by taking care of all the relevant courses of action.


Our complete services in connection with the following are:

  • Winding-up of the company.

  • Declaring company as Defunct or striking-off company name. 

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