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What are Regulatory Approvals?

Regulatory Approvals refer to any consent, waiver, permit, exemption, order, approval, or decision by Regulating Authorities. For undertaking certain specific corporate actions, Regulatory Approval is mandatory under the Company Act, 2013.  

Regulatory Approval requires an application to fill according to the regulatory framework prescribed under the Act. These Regulations are essential to set the standards for any business and adhere them to rules.

What do we offer?

Our expertise and deep knowledge of the subject matter lead to successful results. With correct implementation, Mee 2 Bee Services ensures risk reduction and increased efficiency to your organization.

Check out services offered for Regulatory Approvals under the Act.

  • Registrar of Companies.

  • Regional Director.

  • Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

  • NCLT – National Company Law Tribunal.

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